Top 10 Richest Actor in the World of 2018

top 10 richest actors of world

Do you watch movies? Which is the latest movie you have watched?


I know this question sounds irrelevant  too many of you in the present scenario of entertainment .who doesn’t  love to watch movies

But why news khabri is talking about movies? You might think of

Today’s hot topic which everyone wants to know about  is who is at the top of the earning list of 2018 ,is that the actor whom they  like the most  or someone else ?

Which movie brings them at the top list ? which one is the best  and the list goes so on .


The perfection which can make one reach the height but requires a lot of dedication is the field  of acting, requires lots of patients ,skills and dedication .if you want to be at top you need your sould and body to work together as one.

Who doesn’t want their favourite actor doing the best getting rewarded for the movie did, getting nominated as and the best actor is everyone dream, winning the Oscar oh, everyone dream in the film industry.

Fans love the actor doing the best but they don’t see the hard work behind required to reach that stage, the amount of dedication and sacrifices they have given makes a big difference.

Actors, in the earlier days, have to struggle a lot they might sleepless Night or time when might not have good food to eat but the attitude with their passion altogether made them the richest. You must admire the sacrifice they have made in their professional life to reach such a position.

One of the best and preferred for fashion in the world is acting if you are able to impress an audience with your skills, the audience appreciates your performance, wealth and popularity both start to grow exponentially.

When we hear Hollywood we associated with actors having highest assets here is the list of top 10 richest actors of the world and some of them are not from Hollywood.

Are you ready to know who makes it …


10. Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler

Popular American actor Adam Sandler who is well known for his comic roles.

He is a producer com comedian, screenwriter and also a musician.

Billy Madison, big Daddy coma the waterboy, Mr deeds and many more are some of the best movies.

The comic role he played in these, you would love watching them.

Apart from all this, he holds 5 comedy albums and moreover has his own production unit he is a professional voice actor too. Holding$340 million Adam Sandler comes at 10 positions in our list.



9) Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood

Do you watch cowboy movies he is a star of them, American film director, actor, musician, producer and also just what a politician. He is famous for his direction you can feel the thrill whenever you watch is movies even you can get some horse riding and Red Indians life scene.

Million Dollar Baby and Unforgiven or two best memorable movies have given by him he was nominated as best actor and best director for them and not only nominated he won Academy Award too.

Successful movies pale Rider, play misty for me, the outlaw is few to be named.

He also holds a production company and Restaurant chain with$ 370 million total assets he holds 9 positions of wealthiest.


8) Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby,newskhabari

An American actor, stand up comedian.

If you think of comedian Bill Cosby. There is no match for him.

He started his career as a comedian and landed as an actor in TV series, people still remember his shows, he is not leading actor or romantic actor but still holds million. Is net asset is$380 and hold number 8 in our list.

7) Tom Hanks


tom hanks newskhabari

The receiver of four Golden Globe awards, 2 Academy Awards Thomas Jeffry Tom Hanks is a popular American actor of all time, and admirable actor performing a variety of roles.

Most successful movies are Forest Gump, Apollo 13, angels and demon, Da Vinci code and many more.

he also does investment in startups, film production and even writes books.

His assets is$390 million, which make him holds 7 positions in our list of the top 10 richest actors.

6) Tom Cruise


tom cruise newskhabari

Star of Mission Impossible series is better known to the world by name Ethan.

Dashing charming American actor who started his career at a very young age of 19. Nominated for Academy Awards and holder of three Golden Globe award he is one of the most popular and fans following all over the globe.

Tom is known to do all his stunt all by himself. He played a lead role in films like mission impossible, far & away, rain man, top gun, cocktail. With a total asset of $400 million ki position 6 wealthiest actors.

5) Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry newskhabari

the comedy actor which is also and producer, director, songwriter, play writer, author and screenwriter also.

So we can say him comedian cum actor

, you can see him not only on TV shows but can see him performing live and as a stage actor. Tyler Perry’s House of Payne was the most successful TV show of all time. He collaborated with Oprah Winfrey.

His source of income includes live performance shows hosted by him, movies, TV series and his books.

he has $ 400 million which brings him at number 5.

4) Johnny Depp


johnny deapp newskhabari


Do you remember Jack Sparrow my mistake Captain Jack Sparrow?


Johnny deep is an American musician, producer and actor started by supporting reach the Heights, won globe award and screen actor guilty award.

Played leading character in movies of crime, drama, thriller and romance.

Some of the successful movies include Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Also has restaurant chain his own production company and also winemaking chain.

He has $400 which make him 4th position.


3) Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson newskhabari


This 80-year-old American actor and director, have a talent in all fields including Romance, supporting roles comedy, action.

He holds the record of getting dominated 12 times for Academy Awards, he is the only one to hold such a record

Some popular movies are terms of endearment, one flew, over the cuckoo’s nest, good as it gets, easy rider, five easy pieces, China town, the passenger.

his total assets are $480 million.


2) Shahrukh Khan

 Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan better is known as King Khan of Bollywood industry.

The boxer who lives in the heart of millions of self-made actor, he can perform both role of Hero and anti-hero he made the move from small screen to big screen.


His big movies include Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Chennai Express, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, baazigar, my Name Is Khan.

Source of income includes is production company Red Chillies he also on his IPL team KKR and has brands of product, all this together makes him the richest man in India and second richest in the world.

With the total asset of$600 million, he breaks up our list and holds the second position.



But who comes in the first position?

Is he from Hollywood or Bollywood

Not taking your much time khabri tells you who comes in the first position…


1) this man is American Actor cum a comedian,

Yes we are talking about  Jerry Seinfeld


 Jerry Seinfeld


He holds number 1 position in top 10 richest actors in the world. He can make you laugh on any gene topic,

For sitcom Seinfeld, his source of income includes comedy series, TV shows, guest appearance in events. With total Assets of $820 which makes him come at top of the world richest.




You may choose a different career but no career is a success until you discover your talent within you.

But not all easy to put your soul and heart into one thing these top 10 richest actors in the world has put and undergone struggle hard work to reach where you see them today these top 10 richest actors entertain the whole world with their performance and has a huge fan following…

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