A complete guide to travel Shillong a place which is to be called as a heaven of North East


Friends today newskabari is going to talk about a very beautiful place which is located in hills and serves as an awesome experience for everyone especially if you are a couple and looking for the honeymoon destination or hill station the place is best suited for you …shillong travel

Sharing the personal experience,you are going to love this place and would be forever in your memories .yes the place we are are talking about is Shillong,known for its scenic beauty and rich culture.

An awesome place to select as your destination.


Situated in Meghalaya, in the lap of hills and clouds come and hug you, a place not to be ship if you want to have a true adventure.

Shillong the capital of Meghalaya is known by its famous nickname Scotland.

When you visit here, you would be realizing why it is called so.

rich in its diversity and culture, people feel proud in following there old rich customs, but they’re a little bit of influence of western culture can also be witnessed.

 all surrounded by mountains, long grasslands and rain shower in hours make all the climate best Romantic place to visit. Situated about 1500 m meters above the sea level a place where cloud enters into your rooms and dropping the visibility to almost zero sometimes.

The highest rainfall is received here which make it the wettest state in India, mostly frequent shower are there in summer all over the season in the month of April to June the day temperature is around 25 degree Celsius which is maximum, as soon as mercury touches it, it is enough to bring rain.

Which turn weather into an awesome experience


Even in winters temperature is 5 to 10 degree Celsius with little rain showers.

Although you can visit here anytime throughout the year my suggestion would be to avoid visiting here during monsoon. why get wet? and skip some places due to rain.


  October to February is a little dry as in comparison to other months,  the climate is cool that is the correct time you should choose to visit here.


How To reach here?shillong travel map

From Delhi, you can take train or flight but no direct bus service is available for here if you prefer to travel by car which is not recommended at all, it would be 35 hours long journey which would be costing around 11000 rupees and more.

If you take flight Gauhati is the nearest airport other airports are also available but the connecting flight are about 6 to 7 hours delay so connecting flight is a major issue, from Guwahati Shillong is just 100 km away.

You may also go to  Kolkata Airport then a two-hour drive to Shillong, flight generally take about 2 to 3 hours travel time or if you wish to travel by train then book a ticket to Guwahati then to Shillong.

 you can also avail self-driven car facility from Guwahati which is normally costing you around Rs 1800 per day.

Food and Accommodation

 hotel and food there is no problem at all. Food items including Chinese cuisine, local traditional food along with cuisine of neighbours Bangladesh, Nepal is available .veg food cost around 400 to 500 per day.

hotels prices start from rupees 600 to Rs 1500 depending upon the type you choose the price may even go to rupees 2210 depending upon the location and Scenic duty it provides.

When moving to Shillong the first. You will be witnessing is the SHILLONG VIEWPOINT which is only 10 km away from the city and 6500 km above sea level area but remember it only opens till afternoon after that  visibility starts to decline you should visit here to capture the  complete view of Shillong City,

The city view is awesome from such a height.

SHILLONG IS ALSO CALL THE  GATEWAY OF MEGHALAYA, music is playing all over the long, after every few distances you would find people playing some music, you will love this music.


The places of attractions

Sacred forest

10 km from the city while entering the sacred forest you will feel like you are 

shillong travel sacred forest

visiting the other world, it is a medicinal forest which is rich in its medicinal properties rich-clean air full of freshness,

the feeling is awesome you can take a guide with you which would be costing around rupees 400 ,even they can pick medicinal plants for you at an extra cost of rupees 100 which is optional if you want you can take this facility too.



Neighbouring there is a Khasi Heritage Village which is to be seenshillong travel

There are bamboo houses, neat and clean village which is well maintained and fully organised.


Then the place called Don Bosco Centre for indigenous culture

Which is actually a Museum. Which is 5600 square feet building, 100

Rupees entry fees are paid, but you should come with some extra time as when you start to see time flies and you would not notice when 2-3 hours are gone.shillong travel museum

  you would love the painting showing different culture, traditional activities, architecture, utilities, weapons used by people, their lifestyle, models and many more other such things are available in the museum

 shillong travel

Skywalk is also available there, it needs time to travel the whole museum taxi issue is where  you would not get a taxi very easily from to the city so it is advisable to tell the taxi driver to wait for some time and move back in the same, it may happen you have to wait for half an hour for another taxi.

Police bazaarit is the Centre market of the city if you want to do some shopping, all goods come here from Guwahati and nearby places, clean city Bazaar, neat and tidy.shillong travel police bazar




in your way you can visit at

the centre point hotelshillong hotel

which is one of the top hotels and have some meal, very good food and reasonable price.

Cathedral of a memory  of Christianschruch shillong

 is a church which is made on a huge sand base, good place to visit and do some prayer.

Ward’s lakeWard's lake

 it is basically a garden beautiful garden with a scenic beauty, for people visiting here boating facility is available, you would find  swans are sailing next to your boat.lake entry fees is there, rupees 10 is taken as an entry fees you can avail boating facility at rupees 150 but the lake closes at 5 p.m. so you should try to visit it before that to enjoy it!



Elephant fallElephant fall

It is a three level waterfall if you are having a keen interest in waterfalls then you should visit otherwise it’s not so famous type of thing just a kind of checklist that you have visited and checkbox, it has a steep climb so you have to walk to see all the three levels…

Lady Hydari ParkLady-Hydari-Park-in-Shillong

It is a zoo which has wild animals like Leopard, bears and many more animals,

What I feel after visiting here was that the cages were small might be due to limited resources available, nevertheless, very beautiful flower Gardens is there you should visit you will love the beauty and the majestic smell of flowers will make your day.

Nearby  is  Golf link it is a golf course well maintained long Golf Course

Then comes the umiam lake it is in the middle of the city, big massive lake when you are returning from the Shillong you should visit it, water is crystal clear also boating facility is available here.

Another hotel you can visit is :

Hotel is Ri kynjaishilllong hotel

It is one of the top Hotel but the condition here is that you are not allowed to enter in this hotel before 1 p.m. so if you want to have lunch you have to visit after 1 p.m. the only guest who is staying in that hotel are allowed otherwise hold your hunger till time clock hits the time !.



 the best place to visit where you will witness clouds coming, surrounds you make you feel the best.one of the Wettest place which receives the highest rainfall


Living root double Decker bridgeLiving root double Decker bridge

the most famous bridge of Shillong if you visit this place you will find that roots are given shapes of the root Bridge, it is a double Decker Bridge now which is planning to make it a  Third Level also

For reaching here you have to walk around 3500 steps( total around 5000 steps, for the whole journey) and it would take around 3 hours. before reaching there you will cross turns village which can be called as a stoppage before you reach there this village is about 150 years, though small but has all facilities and services available for you. if you have a child along with you potters facility is where they carry a child on there back to the Decker Bridge.

Dawki riverDawki river

51 km away from Shillong it is located at India Bangladesh border, the water is crystal blue clear, calm and cool breeze flows and the boating experience is awesome.

Some of the best restaurant here are


 Cafe Shillong Cafe Shillong

which is very popular here, food is available at a  very reasonable price

Bamboo Hut

 little costly but very  good food to have loved the taste

Deja vu restaurantshillong hotel

which is famous for its  Chinese cuisine



  On your way back you should visit during the Buddhist monastery, a calm place, you will feel the spiritual power here and silence is speaking something the relaxation it gives to your mind…

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