nagaland land of festival

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talk about a place which is known for its festival, rich customs and traditions in the North East. we would be talking about facts, information, food, hotels how to reach there, and would share some interesting facts about the Nagaland that might surprise you after you know them.

Located in eastern part of India a  small state, with

 a population of around 19 lakh only which is even a smaller number than the population of other cities in many states.

nagaland land of festival

Most of the population here follow the Christianity, which makes it is the only place in India where Christianity is followed in such a huge ratio.

Most of the region of Nagaland is surrounded by Hills and dense jungle you could found around 16 tribes with each having their own language and custom to follow that is why you couldn’t find a particular language here.nagaland land of festival

The most commonly speaking languages of our which holds a share of about 12% share in spoken language.

Talking about the tradition of Nagaland , Naga people wear colourful quilt over their body, interestingly people hair don’t prefer to eat dog flesh which is a misconcepet which people have built about them, people believe in connecting their dream with real life, that is why you would easily find an astrologer here.

people of rest of India think that Naga people lack in development, in education but this is not the fact, with having education percentage of over 80% Nagaland hold its place in a top list of educated States.nagaland most educated state



Some interesting but weird fact about this place is that:

more than 80% of people here are engaged in farming, growing vegetables but they don’t prefer to be vegetarians.


Even you can’t burst crackers here, but you can hear the sound of Bomb


Beverages  Rum, whisky, beer are allowed other than these all are banned.

 hornbill festiival

hornbill festival



Nagaland is famous for its festival

the most famous festival here is the Hornbillfestival which is celebrated for around 10 days.

which is the time when peak tourist is visiting the place o witness the dance, food .people warmly welcome you-you would enjoy the visit.



How to reach?

Dimapur connects Nagaland with all major means of transport, well connected with major can takenagaland travel to reach

By air

Dimapur is the closest domestic airport which is about 75 km away from Nagaland well connected to Guwahati and Kolkata


By train

Dimapur is the nearest railway station to it. from there you make take the taxi or bus, you would enjoy the tunnels, dense trees with fresh air and train moving from dark to bright, the scenic beauty is awesome.

By road

You can avail taxi service from Dimapur station to kohima.just outside taxi service is available.

Direct buses are also available between Guwahati and Kohima



Are readily available, no problem in finding a good deal. but the best options are the charming guesthouse.

Some of the good hotels are 

hotel in nagaland

  1. Chathe restaurant, chumkedima,diampur
  2. nagalamd cafe
  3. Bangkok cafe and cuisinehotel nagaland
  4. bambussa restaurantetnic table nagaland
  5. Ethnic table.

     And many more…


Awesome food cuisine ,  a mixture of local food with some international touches, make it a truly another world experience. food like Fiery pork stew with deadly Bhutan jolakia chills is too hot to handle.

Items like





Are sold in the local market.


Places to visit

Some of the best places are listed which should not be skipped during your visit, you would really going to enjoy these.


1. Khonoma green village


trip to nagaland

Just 1-hour drive from Kohima you would reach green village which is located in the middle of Nagaland famous paddy fields, you can explore a 

lively welcome culture of the village during your stay.

2.japfu peak

japfu peak

The tallest road to trees in the world with a height of 109 feet. With the view of the second highest peak of Nagaland you could visit here to do sightseeing, the paranomic view of city is awesome.

3. Naga Heritage Village

Naga Heritage Village nagaland

The Heritage village protects and preserves all ethnic cultural heritage of Nagaland sustain the unique identity of dialects, customs, and tradition of ethnological tribes.

It is the must visit the place, the festival celebrated here which starts in December, you will witness a warm welcome by tribes when you reach here, the bamboo exhibition comes sale is organised to showcase their tradition and rich culture.

4. Benreu



One of the rarest rich in culture village of Nagaland which shows the concept of ethnic tourism. One of the specialities here is food made with sticky rice cooked over heat with stone killed.

5. War cemetery, Kohima

kohima-war-cemetery nagaland

Memorial dedicated to soldiers. On your visit to Nagaland visit war cemetery to pay your homage to world War 2 martyrs , fought between British and Japanese soldier it serves as resting ground for both the Japanese and British soldiers.

6. Kohima museum

nagaland museum

Located 1.5 km away from Kohima it allows visitors to speak through the vibrant culture of Nagaland.nagaland museum

Showcase Different stages through the history of the land Showcase the most fascinating artefacts And aspects of Nagaland tribal life visiting  Here is the best thing to do in Nagaland

7. Mountain biking

Nagaland also serves wonderful endorsing Mountain biking destination in North East.


8. dzukou valley

nagaland valley of flower

Valley is located at the border of Nagaland and Manipur

 known for its natural beauty seasonal. flower Valley has the wide range of flowers the most famous is dzukou lily.


Undoubtedly the best spot in Nagaland, Scenic beauty is awesome.

9.diezephe craft village

craft village


The village is known for its carving, craft of bamboo crafted by craftsman, showcasing their artwork , their community culture.


10. Triple fall

triple fall

Located in the seithekima village. The fall is at about to 80 feets trekking to the fall is one of the major tourist attraction.

This name triple fall is due to the three different branches that create a magical spell on the visitors.

11. mokochung town

mokochung town

It is the main hub of Mokochung district. Known for its festival of celebrating Christmas and New Year in Main Town square in its unique feature.

It was the first naga Hill site where the Assam Rifles established their outpost.


12. Hongkong market Dimapur

Hongkong market Dimapur

On the other side of railway station, it is a Flea Market which is famous for its clothes of the various festive occasion. Though price is quite high but can make it low using your skills.


13. The Catholic cathedral, Kohima

nagaland chruch

Church of the bishop of the diocese of Kohima

The church is Known for its architecture. Which showcase many elements of traditional Naga houses. the unique feature of the church is  The 16 feet High carved wood crucifix which is one of Asia’s largest crosses.


14. kachari ruins, Dimapur

Kachari-Ruins nagaland

It is a series of mushroom dome pillars, created by dimasa kachari kingdom. Their origin and purpose are largely mysterious. Some still stand in all their Glory but other have crumbled down.



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