a complete mesmerizing experience

Place located in North Eastern part of India sandwiching  the International border of Myanmar and Bangladesh the state is not a metropolitan city here you will not find Metropolitan cultures but you will enjoy the nature thrill and hills.


The scenic beauty, the cool Breeze make the place mesmerizing a completely unforgettable experience.

If you are planning to visit a place where you can find yourself then this is the place you should go for..

 Mizoram is the home of nature-culture, sports like football is love to be played , you will love the music , it seems to welcomes you.

 come soon to get experience in hill region.

Aizawl is the capital city of Mizoram where most of the destinations and all others headoffices are located.

Travel tip: jam problem is there buses are struck in jam and could elay you for your work so there are bikebots available which give you a ride on bike in exchamge of money .the easiest way to reach and fastest means to avoid any jam ..

 What is Mizoram made up of ? it can be break up as

mi = people,

zo = lofty places like Hills

ram =land

 Can be together coupled  as Land of the hilly people.

 If you  want to visit here you would be requiring ILP what is this Ilp ?

ILP stand  for inner line pass which can be obtained from Kolkata, Silchar, Shillong, new Delhi, Guwahati

Not a difficult task to get that just required to prove your identity.

 there are two type of iLP ,temporary: which has validity of 15 days only other one is permanent valid for six month.




 very good luxurious budget type hotels are available in Mizoram .Mizoram tourism  offers accommodation starting from  just for rupees 600 for single bed and 800 for double bed.

Talking about hotels some of the good and budget hotels are

Dravid Hotel clover


 Starting from Rs 750 onwards for one night it can be a good choice.

Location :Chainmail, Aizawl, Mizoram


The Grand Hotel


The price for one night start from Rupees 1500

located in Aizawl, Mizoram


 Hotel floria


The cost is high starts from rupees 4000

located in Bara Bazar


The Esquire hotel


Prices rupees 1900 ,

it is located in sikulpuikawn


Hotel Regency


Cost is Rs 3200

located in chalt lang ,Aizawl.



Travel trip for travelling Mizoram try avoiding visiting on Sunday as on Sunday taxi service is having off ,so you would not be able to find big car or buses to reach your destination.shared taxi servies are available but not for every places


 here comes the top 10 list which you should not miss at all


  • Palak Dil Lake
  • Mura puk
  • Barabazar
  • murlen national Park
  • phawngpui
  • reiek
  • vantawng falls
  • Mizoram state museum
  • durtlang hills
  • Solomon’s temple


 Palak Dal Lake

Palak Dil Lake mizoram

 It is located near phura village in saiga district of Mizoram. It is a home to the number of migratory animal and birds. You can find more than 70 species of birds. which were recorded from the lakes and  it’s shore .

Some of the Unique species you would find here includes

  • Nepal fulvetta,
  • Nepal fulvetta,
  • streaked spider hunter
  • streaked spider hunter
  • yellow wagtail
  • yellow wagtail
  • black-capped Kingfisher
  • black-capped Kingfisher
  • hooded pitta
  • hooded pitta
  • Spot-breasted scimitar babbler
  • Spot-breasted scimitar babbler
  • and white ramped munia.
  • white ramped munia.

These are some of the species which are rarely seen in other parts of the region.


Mura puk

Mura puk

 It is situated in zote village, just 10 km away from champhai town of Mizoram.

here you will  find  caves, there are six caves at this site ,which were believe to be a hiding place used by  local villagers.

People believed that there used to be a large Eagle known as Mura which was a cruel man-eater bird so they used to hide in these Caves.


Bara Bazar

bara bazaar

 It is the main shopping centre of Aizawl in dawrpuiveng locality. The steep Zion street is lined with stalls of  garments and other commodity.

bara bazaar

The best main bazaar is where the people are can be seen in the traditional costumes, selling produced from the firms as well as import from China brought through Myanmar border area. The Millennium Centre is the locality which is popular as the shopping mall.


murlen national park

murlen national park

15 species of mammals, 150 species of birds, 35 species of medicinal plant ,2 species of bamboo and 4 species of orchid.Have been recorded in this Park.

The interesting fact about this place is that Only around 1% of the sun rays can penetrate the forest on a bright sunny day so the thickness of the forest area would not be wrong to be compared to the forest in the Amazon region in South America. some of the trees found in the park are as old as 350 years !

murlen national park

There is an area in the park where not even a single Sun Ray can penetrate for this reason the area had been known as losing an area of seven fellow men or land of no return.



murlen national park

Is famous for orchid and rhododendrons.

It is also known as Blue Mountain and is the highest mountain peak in the lushai hills , in the state of Mizoram. There is a semicircular series of cliffs only Western side of thlanzuangkham which have sharp and deep fall , serves as the natural home of mountain goats.

An interesting fact about these cliffs is that These cliffs are believed to be haunted by the spirit,so you will not see anyone here as soon as it is dark.

There are varieties of butterflies including some rare species found in this region.



Reiek mazaram

 it rest at an elevation of 1548 metres, overlooking Aizawl overview of the surrounding villages and hills on a clear day even the plains of Bangladesh can be seen from the top of the hills that is surrounded by thick lush green temperate tree and bushes.


vantawng hills


Mizoram highest fall vantawng falls are located about 137 km from Aizawl 5 km from the village ,  in serchhip district. It is a two-tiered waterfall with a total height of 229 meters.


Mizoram state museum


It is located in the centre of the town at zarkawt . What is museums this a good  insight into Mizo tradition, culture, it is an ethnographic museum with multi-purpose

On display, there are 5 galleries including textile gallery, ethnography, history

anthropology,Natural history and archaeology terrace.

The collection occupies 4 floors of this museum. 

Durtlang Hills

The high standing hills ,with a green carpet of grass. The way of durtlang itself offers an enjoyable walk along the steep climb with Scenic natural environment


It is situated to the north of Aizawl high and provides a majestic view of entire Aizawl City.  

Solomon’s Temple

The temple is made of purely of white Marbles the church was founded by doctor l.b. sailo in 1984 and the members are known as the elects

Their mission is to proclaim and dissemination the word of god particularly to the means of people through written and spoken means of communication and they are constructing Solomon’s Temple as a symbol of their love for Jesus Christ.




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