Tripuratourist places to visit in tripura

A State in northeast India which is border by Bangladesh on 3 side,yes tripura  home to diverse and the mix of tribal culture religious group.

The Agartala, the capital of Tripura the ujjayanta palaces settings Mughal garden in south neermahal is in middle of lake rudrasagar shows Hindu and Islamic architecture style.



 Mui borok , the cuisine what the local calls ie,the food shows flavours of Bengalis,muslims and the tribal groups.

 Rice ,fish, non vegetarian food is available a;ong with equal options for vegetarians.

The food is cooked without any oil so it is healthy and natural.

Berma is present in every menu,a dry and fermented fish

Fish stews and bamboo shoots are also popular  .chinese cousine ,Bengali cusine are also available..



No problem with the accomodationa as all places are near by so take a hotel in agartala

Many hotel like

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  • hotel woodland park are some luxury hotels.hotel woodland

For the budget accommodation hotels like

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How to reach here?

By air

Agartala airport ,the only airport of the state,all major airport are connected to itAgartala airport


By train

Not available ,

Still under construction


By road

Guwahati,silchar all are well connected with agartala by bus .


 The places you should not miss to visit in Tripura are :

  • The ujjayanta palace
  • Tripura Sundari temple
  • unakoti hills
  • neermahal
  • jampui hills
  • sipahijala wildlife sanctuary
  • devtamura
  • the chaturdasha temple
  • pilok
  • Bhuvaneshwari temple
  • Kamla Sagar lake
  • Heritage park Agartala
  • mahamuni manubankul village


The ujjayanta palace

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It is located in Agartala the place is a kind of museum and royal palace of Tripura built around 1899 to 1901 by the king of Tripura Maharaj Radha Kishore manikya on the bank of a lake which is surrounded by Mughal garden .

it was a home all the ruling manikya dynasty until the Tripura accession to India in October


The palace was purchase from royal family by Tripura government for 2.5 million rupees, it is a state museumnow 

its showcase the lifestyle, arts, culture, tradition and utility craft of communities.

 Tripura Sundari temple

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Located in Udaipur which is the 55 kilometres away from capital city of Agartala the temple is believed to be one of the holiest Hindu shrines.

Sundari temple is popularly known as matabari, crown in small hill rocks it is one of the Shakti peethas out of 51 peethas.

It is believed that right foot of Sati fell here during lord Shiva dance.


Unakoti hills

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In Bengali unakoti means one less than A crore. A place which offer an ancient Shaivite place of worship.

Shiva pictures are curved on huge rocks which found here. Serve is a prime picnic spot for tourist.

It is said that that according to Hindu mythology when lord Shiva was going to Kashi along with 1 crore god and goddesses he made a night halt at this location. 


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The name says water palace royal palace which was built by king Bir Bikram Kishore manikya Bahadur.

neermahal is present in the middle of lake

rudrasagar about 8 years starting song 1930, 1938 it was completed. Located 53 kilometres away from Agartala in melaghar , it is the  largest of its kind in  eastern part. 

Jampui hills

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A hill range with an average altitude of approximately 1000 metres above the sea level the view of rising and setting sons on various you points in jampui hills is a wonderful sight.

The hills have 11 villages which are occupied by various tribes that give a chance to see preserve life and tradition of tribal people.


sipahijala wildlife sanctuary

25 kilometres away from the city centre in bishalgarh having 18.53 square kilometre area. Here you can find artificial lake natural botanical gardens and zoological gardens.

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It is famous for its clouded leopard, the sanctuary contains a variety of birds, primates and other animals.

the terrain is green throughout the year

And the weather is temperate. It gives shelter to about 150 species of birds and the unique bespectacled monkey phayres langur. 


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Hill station in the south of Tripura which is famous for its okay logical site of rocks, sculptures, carved images. The images show Brahmanism during the 15th century when influence Buddhism waved in India 

the chaturdasha temple

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Hindu temples in old Agartala the dome pattern, the roof of huts in  Bengal

The dome is surmounted by stupa which shows traces of Buddhism influence



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Located in santir bazar is an archaeological site. Images and structures of Hindu and Buddhist have been found here. The founding is dated to be back about the 8th century.


Bhuvaneshwari temple

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Situated on the bank of gomati river.

The temple is defined in plays of Rabindranath Tagore Rajarshi and bisharjan.

Kamla Sagar lake

A lake on the edge of border off Bangladesh , was excavated buy maharaja dhanya manikya in 15th century on the river bank of Kamla sagar.

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The famous Kali temple is there dating back to the 16th century one of the excellent picnic spot with scenic beauty. Mela is held every October during the Navratri festival. 

Heritage park Agartala

The entrance gate depicts the rich tribal and non-tribal culture, heritage of Tripura the park three parts

1) mini Tripura

Located in 3 acres of land

2) central area has been raised as natural forest.

3) plain table land with medicinal plant herbs and shrubs.

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There is also a walking track of 1 kilometre running along the periphery of the park.

gunabati temple Udaipur

It was built in the name of highness maharani gunabati, the actual history still to be an unveiled.

The architecture of these temples resembles another contemporary temple of Tripura except that the most part or without stupa. 

mahamuni manubankul village

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Beautiful Pagoda was also built at mahamuni famous week long fair is held every year in the month of March April.

The temple attracts thousands of Buddhist and non-buddhist pilgrims from every corner of the state as well as from other countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh


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