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The government of India has taken many steps for making travel an affordable task for all and with the initiative of the government by making policy, which is called as udaan it would help to explore ! the next stop of your destination might be a nonstop flight which could even cheaper than earlier, who might know?

So proper planning of a trip to Hubli is required then we are here to help you with

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Before you begin to dive into ,Do you know?

Hubli is a city in the south ,( south-Indian state ( Karnataka)) .

In Karnataka Hubli and Dharwad are call the best places to be in the vist list of everyone.

both of them have been selected for the smart city project of government of india ,these are called the commercial hub and even the nickname of Hubli iis taken as  Chhota Mumbai….

These are the Most fastest growing cities in the state of Karnataka ,Hubli is  second largest city in the state after its capital, which is Bengaluru.

About 100000 small and medium scale industries are located in city centres for trade which includes  peanut ,chilli and cotton .the most important fact which make this city more important is that it is located on the golden quadrilateral.


Different poets have expressed their feeling about the city its beauty,Different poem showcasing the beauty of the area have been written,one of the important fact about hubli is ,it is the headquarter of the southwestern railway zone

What make hubli so special , a place is known by its connectivity facilities.

connectivity is equally good you can reach the place ,any part of the hubli from any part

 by road

by train and then taking taxi to reach hubli

the best time to visit Hubli is from October to February,the temperature is neither too hot nor too humid at that time the best weather to enjoy .


The places not to be miss in your visit


The Nrupatunga Betta


For what it is know ?

It is a picnic spot, you are advice to leave your vehicle about 1 kilometre before you reach to top or if you want to go by foot then it would take approximately about 40 minutes to reach there.

it is located on the unkal hill which set a magical view of the sunset


Utsav rock garden

about 30 minutes away from the Hubli, amazing structure of rocks (monuments ) are a piece of attraction .

rock garden is located near the hubli ,it shows a typical village scene from the past and real-life size structures.


Chandramouleshwara temple

900-year-old Shiva temple is located on the bank of the unkal lake, the temple has breath taking structures from the Chanakya err.


The food story…

Every travel story is incomplete without food

Want to explore the best places to eat in Hubli


For breakfast, you can go to guru Dutt Bhawan one of the oldest restaurant famous for its chaat and  quick bites.

Don’t miss the lassi and the famous  paans

Tourist places in tamilnadu

The best thing about Hubli food ,it is nutritious and very delicious at the same time. Hubli it is known for offering spicy food.

Jolada rooti

The staple food here is the roti which is made from jowar ,the nutritional value is excellent it can be eaten by different vegetables or curries.



It is a snack that is available at every restaurant this is very light and Chrispy which is very spicy Sev, made from rice with onion, chilies and tomato.


Bandanikai palya

It is a curry, with the seeds of coriander, red chillies, onion and spices it can be taken with roti and curd.


Dharwad peda

let’s talk about sweet.

peda is prepared using milk sugar and khoya.every sweet tooth  would love to have it.


Where to stay?


You can stay in Hubli in hotel,s to be named few are :- cotton country club and president hotel

Girls are you here ?missing something don’t worry we have something for you too…

Thinking of shopping in Hubli

shop at MG road , Lakshmi mall local market there is durgad bail Broadway where you can find anything and everything at a good price.

But remember that a  good  customer is that who can negotiate ,so if you are shopping lover then sharpen up your skill and get ready to grab the deal.


Do share about your visit to hubli , the city of joy .

Do share the blog with your friends lets them also know about the beauty they are still missing out .



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