Rajasthan, not to be wrong if called as land of Rajputana, but as famously called as the Land of the Kings.

A state which invites its visitors  with the words  padhaaro mare desh

Which means come to my land, Rajasthan , rich in its culture and history, which set a perfect example of great grandeur of India .with majestic palaces, golden sand desert, cuisine make Rajasthan a perfect choice for all.

From holy lakes to desert the state has all. travel places present you an ethical guide to travel in Rajasthan, covering attraction, a place you can stay, activities and much more.

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Don’t move out of Rajasthan if you have not seen till now :


1.Amber Fort, Jaipur

Golden Triangle,  the capital city of Rajasthan .famous for its colour “pink city” and famous for its wonderful, eye-catching palaces.

Amber fort is about 11 km from Jaipur,a blend of Hindu -Muslim design. built with red sandstone and usage of white marbles gives it a stunning look.presence of maota lake adds beauty to this place, crystal clear reflection of the fort can be easily seen in the lake.

2.Lake Palace,Udaipur

What to be called city of lakes or venice of the east,the romantic city of India.the morning mist,battlements of city palace ,a truly memorable sight .the Aravali mountains  a perfect backdrop in lake Pichola .built by royal family as  a summer palace,but now it has been taken over by Taj group of hotels, glid molding,sculpted marbles and magical views make it the best place to visit for couples.

3. Umaid Bhawan palace, Jodhpur

The blue city, the perfect mix of Indian and art deco style, with more than 347 rooms, and over 3000 employees the Umaid Bhawan is the largest private residence in the world.

Still, a section of the palace has a private section for residence of a royal family,but other section is taken over by itc group of hotels.

4.Dilwara temples, mount Abu

Finest examples of marble stone carving, the Jain temples at dilwara are located just a few kilometres from mount Abu,mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan.intricate carving can be seen on the ceilings and pillars,marble architecture are the things temples are famous for.the dilwara temple is one of the famous Jain pilgrimage site in world.

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Things you can do in Rajasthan


1.Pushkar fair

On the occasion of Kartik Poornima , every year in the month of November, the Pushkar camel fair is held on a massive scale, more than 11000 cattle, horses, camels take active part in the fair. With the duration of 14 days, about 4 lakh people around the globe visit the fair.it is a major attraction of all to witness the colour of Rajasthan.

2.play a holy visit at Ajmer Sharif

Tie mannat ,according to folklore, visit Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti dargah at Ajmer, is blessed by Allah,your wishes are always fulfilled.chadars, qawwalis, Mughal food all together will make your trip to Ajmer Sharif a mesmerizing experience…

3.ride on a thrilling side of Ranthambore

The largest national park in India, Ranthambore. the park is 130 km far from Jaipur and located in the district of Sawai Madhopur,the fact is that it was on the favourite hunting spot of maharajas.

If you are interested in wildlife the you must visit Ranthambore park.you can enjoy safaris in morning and evening .get out and enjoy the scenic beauty of the park…

4. Desert safari  of Jaisalmer

An amazing picture of brilliance, the sparkling gold sand, the desolution of desert all you will experience going through a desert safari through Jaisalmer. The golden city is well known for its camels’ safaris in thar .

Experience a unique, different life track, spend a night under the clear sky with company of shiny stars telling their own story and shining light on you.


Do not miss the royal food, what to eat ? did you miss the cousine ?


1.Dal baati churma

Visiting Rajasthan ,eat like rajasthani…the iconic food dal baati is the most loved food item in Rajasthani.it is hard bread which is served with mixed lentil dal.

Variety of baati are available from plain to stuffed with different items like onion, sattu,lentis. The choorma is made by mixing unsalted baati finely crushed into small chunks and mixed with ghee and sugar.


2.Laal maans

Cooked in myriad spices and loaded with red chillies, a traditional Rajasthani dish of meat curry.you would love the spiciness and the taste is out of the box…


Sweet tooth ?, Ghevar a round sweet, dip in with sugar syrup with the multiple layers of floor .it is available in a variety of flavours from simple to loaded with dry fruits of every kind.


But what would be the best time to visit the Rajasthan ?

When we can enjoy the beauty with a budget?


October to March is the best time to visit Rajasthan.

Neither too hot, the sun is not intense. moreover, winter is the best time for most of the city to be visited.

Summers are hot and humid, temperature can rise up to 45 -48 degrees. the mount Abu(only hill station )is a good option in summers.

Monsoon session is from july to September , during which visiting Udaipur is the best part.


How to reach there?



Rajasthan is well connected with the rest part of the country it can be easily reached

By air-airport are available in Jaipur,Jodhpur,Udaipur can be easily reached

By rail- trains are available to almost all major cities in Rajasthan,you can choose Rajdhani or Shatabdi express as an option.

By road-Delhi and Mumbai are connected via national highway 8  which runs through it, around 4 hours trip travel time from Delhi to Rajasthan.

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How to travel ?  visiting places?

To see the place Rajasthan tourism  has arranged

Taxis-you can hire car to travel in Rajasthan

Buses –Rajasthan tourism department runs luxury buses, you can take them to travel


Get ready with the item…

Not to forget to take


Light cotton clothes, hats



Visiting Rajasthan will be going to be an amazing experience for you, Rajasthan will take your breath away so sit tight  and hold it,

Get ready to be amazed…

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