Delhi, city which creates its own history, Delhi one of the earliest places which are inhabited in the world by the man.the city has all from the glittering Mughal minarets, which are in the old part of the city to the structure of colonial time situated in new Delhi area.

The city is designed several times it has been built and rebuilt several times.

Rich in its culture, history with the colourful past mix with the culture brought from all around the world, makes Delhi, a city with its unique identity…

Whether you are on foot or visiting city for a few days, something about this city cant be a miss, here are some to do the task in delhi which cant be miss…

Explore old Delhi

City on foot !, old Delhi ,Shahjahanabad, have a sign of Mughal rule, you should start from Red Fort.

Red Fort , build by shah Jahan in the around 17th century, walk toward Chandni Chowk,which is one of the oldest and busiest markets of jewellery, then take a tour of Dariba Kalan, which is Asia’s largest market of jewellery here you can shop for silver and curios.

Before you visit the famous Jama masjid one of the largest mosques in India,end the walk with some traditional food meal Mughlai meal @ Karimi’s/ al Jawahar around the masjid area.

Tourist places pro tip: if you are a book lover then plan your trip on Sunday, don’t’miss the Sunday book market in area of daryaganj, some about 2 km stretch where the old books can be found at incredibly cheaper prices.

Early  moring run at Lodi garden

Wake up early moring and go for a walk at Lodi gardens which is located near khan market, which is the place where social and political aspects meet.

The beauty of the gardens will make you fall in love with them,beautiful, green stretch in the heart of the city, if you love history Sikander Lodi ,Mohammad shah tombs will attrite you spend some time here..if you are not of these then enjoy the place as a picnic spot with your friends or family.

Tourist places tip done with the morning walk, to satisfy your breakfast hunger head over to Indian habitat centre.

Visit Rajpath,the seat of power

Central Delhi which is also known as Lutyens, after the British architect who has made the beautiful and systematic design of Delhi .start your trip with Rashtrapati Bhawan which is located on raisina hill, from here walk down to Rajpath.

On your way, you would found secretariat building, which has pm’s office and offices of various ministries.

On reaching Vijay chowk, the parliament of India is located. finish your trip at the India gate, which is a memorial to honour Indian soldiers who lost their lives in war.

The area looks to be an out of box place in the evening the best time to visit here, the buildings look such a lovely place, brilliantly lit and the Amar jawan Jyoti shines brightly.

The places to visit in your to-do list.

A day at Humayun tomb

it become a very difficult task to choose only a monument to be visited in Delhi.out of so many to choose !.but this can be the tomb of emperor Humayun which is in Nizamuddin.

The tomb is built using red sandstone with work which some influence of Asian and Persian articture. the building is surrounded with char bagh gardens which are showcasing traditional and Persian style of art.

Do not forget to visit Purana quila just 10 minutes away.

Shop ,eat,drink at paharganj

Delhi railway station ,right in front is a stretch of street which is called Paharganj main market, a place which has all from budget hotels to souvenir shops to eating is a perfect place to shop from leather bags and pants to curios

Talk a walk in an area with street kids, the kids are associated with salaam balak trust.

Pay a visit to Nizamuddin dargah.

Listen to qawwali at dargah , organised every Thursday in the evening which would be a mystic and completely transformative experience for the visitors.the qawwali will stop you and change your mindset which you would be having as it is the mausoleum of Sheikh Nizamuddin auliya.

The tomb of amir khusro is situated within the building and hundreds of believers pay a visit to dargah each week to listen to qawwali and pay homage to saint auliya.

The galib academy is also near the tomb you should also not miss that place.

Party, Hauz Khas village.

A small village, around reservoir which was built by Alauddin khilji, I has trending eateries .pubs in Delhi during the daytime history buffs and couple roam the ruins,but during night youngsters are back they drink dance and party at hkv, very popular among youngster, you can party at these endless pubs and restaurants no time restriction…

Not only this Hauz Khas also offer art, there are many art galleries most popular is Delhi art gallery.

History, parks, culture the capital city Delhi has lots to offer, I hope the blog will help you move beyond tough, and delve into the city like a local.

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  1. New Delhi, Rajdhani, the City of Djinns, Hastinapur or Indraprastha. Call it by any name or sobriquet you wish, but it’s impossible to not end up remembering it by its most heartfelt, its unforgettable nickname Dilli, with ample dil (heart) in it.

    The city of love, the city of heartbreak; the city of migration, the city of settlements; the city of history, the city of the future; the city of power, the city of the powerless; the city of abuses and violence, the city of justice; the city of writers and journalists, the city of art and architecture; the city of the Mughal garden, the city of pollution; the city that cannot stop growing and gobbling up towns all around as agglomerations in the NCR; the city with the reckless ambition to become everything a city can be and should not be. Dilli, like the heart, holds every emotion and irony within, preserved with a characteristic nonchalance. Just like its history.

    Delhi is perhaps the most beautiful place to spend winter in India. Leaving behind the dryness of summer and the unpredictability of rains, Delhi in December embodies just the right kind of cold. A cold that makes you want to hold someone you love, close. I am in the balcony of a friend’s house, gazing at the old dilapidated Khirki mosque, with countless domes on top and perforated windows on the sides that lend the monument its name. Built in the 1300s by the prime minister of Tughlaq dynasty, it served as a fortress and later, a mosque. Nowadays, bats and djinns reside in them. Like they do in most of the archaic monuments of this great city.

    Despite (or maybe because of) its vices, Dilli seems nothing less than a seductress. If you spend enough alone time with it, it bewitches you, making you fall in love with it like no other city. Soon, the relationship troubles start. See, even though Dilli is loving, it is non-committal to the core. It is never sure about you, and you can never be sure about it either. It will make you feel terribly missed when you’re away, but it won’t care an ounce once you return. Like now. I spent my good ten years here, and now when I’m back, it makes me feel nothing. Not unwelcome, but not welcome either. It’s as if I don’t exist. It’s a terrible feeling. I like Mumbai better in this regard. It doesn’t make you feel missed at all. You know Mumbai doesn’t care, and it doesn’t care in real. It’s easy to accept a city like that. But Delhi, tch tch, it gives heartburns. The problem is you love more when you are loved less. You can’t help but love this city for its indifference to you.

    The home to Mirza Ghalib, Arundhati Roy and Vikram Seth, there’s a reason why writers choose to make Delhi their home. Delhi has character. A rather strong character, that’s elusive but all-encompassing. It is like the protagonist of a literary novel, leaving behind an entourage of unanswered questions for those reading it. Imagine the joy it holds for a reader (also a writer) who spends time with this great protagonist, this great novel of a city.

    Delhi, despite its two faces, has one heart. A heart that speaks out to you, making you listen sooner or later. To me, Delhi is a loud boisterous macho man who thinks from his heart but acts with his mind. And that’s why it always seems earnest at first but eventually ends up disappointing you. Every single time. It can’t help it. Delhi, a city as old as time, but still with a teenage heart.

    Phew! I poured my heart out there. Little did I know that I had so much angst and fondness for this unforgiving city. I will take a deep breath now. In the meanwhile, why don’t you let your impassioned words describe your city? How does the city you call your home make you feel? Personify them. If your city were a human, how would it behave?
    let your city know.

    Before I leave, I have two non-fiction book recommendations if you like Delhi: The City of Djinns by William Dalrymple & Capital by Rana Dasgupta. I also recommend the novel A Bad Character by Deepti Kapoor that talks about being 20, restless in Delhi and letting the city absorb you.

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